Every tattoo is unique. «Nini de Paris» works with delicate, & even sometimes, filigree lines of black ink, occasionally with colors, to combine organic with geometric shapes, and hidden magic symbols. The latter, if desired, will be revealed to only her clients.



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Nini de Paris

drawings, paintings, graphics and objects in ink, oil, airbrush, graphite, ... upcycling: giving the objects a new and valuable life is the savoir–faire of «Nini de Paris»




The cost of Reproduced drawings is 45.– CHF. The cost of Custom Created drawings depends upon time and effort needed for a design. A quote will be provided to you during the consultation. Contact: «Nini de Paris» Also available: gift cards.





My HEART trembles, but not my HAND as it calmly gives birth to the DREAMS you unknowingly carry in your SKIN. Each drawing is UNIQUE, just like your FINGERPRINT. I tell your STORY with ink but you'll wirte it with BLOOD. I'll find the BEAUTY within the works of Georges de la Tour, Egon Schiele, Saudek, Mischa and others and form it to resemble the BODYS that illustrate. I rise up to the gates of HEAVEN. Back on EARTH I draw the MOVEMENTS stroke by stroke. This INJURY will only be one to the point when you forget about the pain and it will remain for eternity. I try, with endless caution, to reflect the INSANITY/WEIRDNESS in which the picture is embedded. The writing of the FLESH – devoid of orthographical mistakes! – that even an illiterate can read. CURIOUS and UNBURDENED like a kid that is mesmerized by the shapes on the arms. Entrust me with your SECRETS! I will convert them into PUZZLES or BUTTERFLIES, ships leaving port or SILHOUETTES minated by lightning. I'll do as YOU say – or so it would seem!

Nini de Paris lives and works in Zürich. She lives multiple lifes, from design to acrobatics, that merge together to form her unique style of poetic and dynamic tatoos, paintings and upcycling.




L'ART D'AMOUR et L'AMOUR D'ART: Mit meiner Liebe MISCHA und unserer gemeinsamen Tochter ANGÈLE lebe ich zusammen. Wir LEBEN unsere Liebe zur KUNST. Die gegenseitige ANZIEHUNG treibt uns an, gibt uns KRAFT und FREIHEIT. Gegenseitige IMAGINATION, FASZINATION und INSPIRATION verstärken unsere EIGENEN Projekte und VEREINIGEN sich in GEMEINSAM inszenierter KUNST – so MAGISCH und VERFÜHRERISCH wie unsere Liebe. FANTASTIQUE.





For discussions on Custom, painting and Tattoos, Gessnerallee 52, 8001 Zürich; close to the Central Station ( appointment per Email only, see below)